At Atlantis Videography, we pride ourselves on capturing stunning images of your special day and turning them into a cinematic masterpiece that will last a lifetime! Using a combination of professionalism, cutting edge HD technology & artistic vision we have the ability to make your wedding day memories magical!

Also for your attention we are proud to offer our High end Cinematography.

Atlantis Films specializes in Wedding Cinematography and produces Wedding Films for couples seeking elegant, contemporary and stylish Cinematography. Our passion for story-telling places the emphasis on capturing your day as it naturally unfolds. Our impact on your wedding day is minimal and no direction is ever given to capture the beautiful shots we achieve.We believe that capturing the emotions you experience on your day, together with the excitement and happiness of your family and friends is an art form.

To us it’s never just another event. We listen. We pay incredible attention to every detail. We’re with you from our first meeting all the way to your special day and beyond, into post-production. You will deal with a professional staff dedicated to creating a video tailored to your special needs and budget.



Our background is in multimedia, videography, creative art and marketing. We treat every project as a personal challenge and provide you with the professional outcome you’d expect. Whether it’s a baptising ceremony, birthday party, graduation, engagement party or a wedding, we have the equipment and the experience to deliver quality DVDs you will cherish through years to come. When you order professional video services from us, you do not only rely on the equipment. You trust the person behind the camera – after all, the camera is just another tool… Contact us today and get a free quote for your next video project.

Aerial Shots

Aerial photography and videography can produce some truly breathtaking shots from an exciting perspective that we would not normally view from.
Looking at things from an aerial perspective seems a lot more impressive than your standard video footage or photographs and will have a much higher impact on you and your family and friends. The aerial footage…. just a part of the whole DVD, with an affordable cost will be set and you’ll know if aerial video is a perfect fit for you.


We are happy to offer a limited number of professional Photographers which we work together with, and recommend, who also can help make your day the most important day in your life. Each have years of experience and have worked Santorini for many years. Competition is fierce between Photographers on Santorini and as we believe we work with the best, we would like to pass on their services to you.


Our focus is always on you- with support across the board – from pre to post and everything on the middle, we will work with you answering your questions, also with styles, directions, formats, and archive. we will stay with you until we have complete satisfaction.

Dedicated Crew

Dedicated crew – When you order professional video services from us, you do not only rely on the equipment. You trust the person behind the camera – after all, the camera is just another tool… with backgrounds from Australia, Greece, Switzerland, Poland and New Zealand our dedicated crew is multi skilled in the fields of Cinematography, choreography, set design, lighting and sound, with most holding a diploma in film and television production covering camera, editing, animation and writing skills.

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